Maxime Trudeau 14 July 2024 6 minutes

Compliance Training and Management; A Must in LMS

Employees should be equipped with a strong understanding of how to adhere to compliance standards

Quality management is at the core of all businesses, whether you are selling a service or researching, developing, and selling a product. Today, with all the disruptions of human resources and product shortages, as well as evolving business models, just-in-time inventory and delivery management, it is crucial that you keep a close look at your business processes. In all cases, you should have a strong compliance management program to make sure your quality management does not fall into the cracks. Why not take a look at Captivo, an LMS that can help strengthen your compliance process?



Aligning Quality Management with Compliance Training in an LMS


Quality is the management of product (or service), process and people. You must make sure that the mechanical, functional, and environmental capabilities of the product you are developing (or the service you are offering) correspond to the industry as well as business partnership standards. The operational and transactional processes used to manufacture and sell your product (or service) must be standardized in order to be efficient. And your personnel must have the knowledge, the competencies, and the communication skills to bring your product (or service) to market.


Compliance management is making sure that you have a strong structure in place to bring those three pillars of quality management together to ensure that the metrics you have established to measure all your internal processes pass the test for internal and external audits. Training should be an extensive part of quality management and training requirements should be linked to your compliance business goals. Automating the compliance management process in an LMS will help streamline the process and make it more efficient.



Why is compliance training a necessary feature in LMS?


 We all know that compliance is a vital asset to improve efficiency and reduce human error. For your company to pass compliance audits, you must have a system in place that makes sure your employees are properly and timely skilled, reskilled and upskilled on all aspects of the development of your product or service.

 In today's post-pandemic economic disruption, and with employees working in hybrid environments, it is becoming crucial to automate the compliance process throughout your e-learning platform and learning management system. For one, eliminating the paper trail will save time, make the process more efficient and improve productivity. It will also optimize skill development and re-training tracking.



Compliance Management in the Captivo LMS


 By offering a centralized source of knowledge into a single platform and a 360° visibility on all training activities, Captivo helps to streamline and optimize the management and tracking of employee's training and engagement. It will also provide a more efficient and agile overall management of all your learning objectives and processes. Skill development and re-training activities will become easier to manage therefore enhancing your compliance training. It will also allow your management team to have an overall view of their management areas and make the best decisions based on the recommendations generated by AI.



Some of the benefits of using Captivo:

  •  Automatically assign new courses to designated groups of employees
  • Schedule employee trainings and certifications effortlessly.
  • Automate training, re-training and certification assignments.
  • Track learner's progress and deadlines.
  • Send automatic notifications and real-time alerts.
  • Generate personalized diplomas.

 With Captivo, everyone is on the same page by making sure learning programs can be aligned with your business compliance goals.




Written in collaboration with:

Line Rondeau

Instructional Designer and Training Specialist.


Maxime Trudeau

Customer Success Manager