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Customer Success Manager

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13 March 2023 7 minutes

Best Practices for Delivering Effective E-Learning Courses through an LMS

Maximize the impact of your online courses with an LMS In today's fast-paced digital ...
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24 January 2023 8 minutes

Upskill and reskill your workforce for best use of the cloud

Employees need to upskill/reskill to the cloud As technology advances at an accelerating ...
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25 October 2022 5 minutes

Utilizing an LMS to close Skill gaps within a Company

Organizations must prioritize professional development and identify skill gaps in their ...
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13 September 2022 6 minutes

Time to Reposition Your L&D And Your LMS

Examine your employee value proposition to retain employees Since the mid-nineties, HR ...
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9 August 2022 7 minutes

LMS: Compatibility, Adaptability and Seamless Integration

You are looking for a Learning Management System because your company is growing and ...
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5 July 2022 6 minutes

The importance of employee development with the use of an LMS

Career advancement does not only take place in educational institutions; the work ...
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25 May 2022 5 minutes

Compliance Training and Management; A Must in LMS

Employees should be equipped with a strong understanding of how to adhere to compliance ...
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14 April 2022 9 minutes

Remote Learning and Training Technologies – Eat the Bug

The work environment has changed, it's time for companies to change by incorporating an ...
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22 March 2022 12 minutes

Upskilling, Reskilling and Personalized Training; Why Is It on Everybody's Lips?

What has a global pandemic taught us, as employers, about the way we deal with skilling ...
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16 February 2022 9 minutes

Can a LMS help drive employee’s engagement?

Employees' training represents a crucial challenge that organizations have to tackle ...
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